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What are the documents required to make a reservation with Europcar Mexico?

The documents required to reserve are:

  • Driver's License
  • Official identification (IFE, driver's license and passport)
  • Credit Card

If I don’t have credit card, can I book?

The credit card is a must to make a reservation with Europcar México, however we offer the option of leaving a credit card from a family member or friend to guarantee the vehicle.

If the CC is from a third party, the card holder must go to our offices (anywhere on the republic) and present the following:

  • Present the reservation number
  • Provide a credit card that contains at least 10% of the total value of the vehicle (basic coverage’s)
  • Present official identification

Notice: We recommend that the credit card you use to make the payment of your reservation, be the same as the one you present when collecting the car for the guarantee. If it is not the same credit card, consider that a verification charge will be made for 10 MXN to confirm that the card that will be left under guarantee is active, which will be returned the next day.

How can I make my reservation payment?

The payment methods are:

  • Credit card (the holder needs to be present at a Europcar office). The credit card must be personalized and embossed. Departmental, virtual or digital credit cards are not accepted.
  • If you are booking online, payment can be made by credit card (present card used in office)
  • You can also make payment OXXO stores (Exclusively through our website)

Note: credit card must be issued by a banking institution (department store CC are not accepted), must have holders name (be customized), have at least one year after it was issued. If the card being used is corporate, it has to have the above characteristics and the holder shall present at the time of pick-up, or before, in any of our offices within the Mexican republic.

The credit card you use to make the payment for your reservation must be the same as the one you present when collecting the car for the guarantee. If it is not the same credit card, consider that a verification charge will be made for 10 MXN to confirm that it is active when leaving the guarantee, which will be returned the next day.

Can I pay my reservation with the digital / virtual card?

Europcar Mexico does not accept payments with digital cards. Digital cards are often used to purchase products online. If you make the reservation using a digital card, when you arrive at the office to pick up the car, the charge will be refunded and a new charge will be made with the current rates these may be different than your reservation.

What is the minimum / maximum age to book with Europcar Mexico?

  • The minimum age to reserve a car with Europcar is 21 years old, however a person with less than 24 years old is considered as a minor driver, and it has an additional fee ($ 125.00 MXN + IVA per day)
  • The maximum age for renting a vehicle is 69 years

If my driver’s license is expired can I still rent a car?

If you have an expired license, you must buy insurance for expired license. Which can be obtained directly at office, at the time of pick-up ($ 150.00 MXN + TAX per day)?

How many additional drivers can hire the book my car?

The maximum number of drivers that can be included on a reservation is 3. (Each additional driver fee is $ 125.00 + TAX per day)

How I can reserve seats for baby or Wifi?

Sometimes the extras (baby seat, Wifi, etc.) are returned in unsuitable conditions for rent. For that reason these can only be booked directly at the office where the vehicle is collected and are subject to availability.

  • Baby seat $ 125.00 MXN + TAX per day
  • Wifi Movil $ 79.00 MXN +TAX per day

Can I take the vehicle out of the Mexican republic?

The vehicle can leave the country, if these conditions are followed:

  • To border cross to the United States, an additional insurance is needed, it has to be purchased directly at the office where the vehicle is collected (The price of the insurance is $ 10.00 USD per day+ TAX)
  • To border cross the vehicle to Belize, a letter of authorization is required, which is provided directly at the pick-up office. Chetumal is the only place where the border cross to Belize can be done; because of government regulation cannot do the border crossing of Belize to Guatemala or vice versa. An email must be sent to the station 48 hours before the date of your pick-up.

Note: It is important to note that the reserved coverage’s are only valid within the Mexican republic and when you take the vehicle out of the country these same coverage’s are nulled

Must verify in each country (customs stations), if it’s necessary to buy additional coverage’s.

How I can get my invoice?

To request, modify or download your invoice you must enter the following link and follow these steps:

For guests

  • In the "Guest" tab
  • Enter the reservation number in the "Reservation No." field
  • Enter the first surname of the person who made the reservation in the field "Surname"
  • Click on the "Log in" button

For customers with loyalty account

  • In the "Customers" tab
  • Enter email or ID number in the "ID number or email" field
  • Enter the loyalty account password in the "Password" field
  • Click on the "Log in" button

Note: Data must be entered exactly as it appears in the contract.

How can I make changes on my reservation or contract?

To make changes to the reservation or contract, contact the reservations team at 800 201 2084.

How to make sure that the voucher has been canceled and that my deposit has been released?

The release of the amount retained is done at the end of the contract, otherwise the contract cannot be closed. For some banks the release, does not shows automatically, when that happens a release letter has to be issued. Please contact our reservations department if this happens at 800 201 2084.

The office must provide a cancellation voucher, which indicates that the release has been made.

If my credit card offers me the necessary coverage’s, how can I make use of them?

LDW (CDW) - Loss and Damage Waiver is available at $33.65USD per day for all types of vehicles. The LDW (CDW) is optional and is typically purchased by customers that are not covered for vehicle damage or loss by their Credit Card Company (or insurance linked to a credit card). For your own protection we prefer that all customers present a valid letter or proof of coverage from his credit card issuing institution with a verifiable phone number and/or email address for confirmation, stating that LDW (CDW) coverage is provided by his/her credit card. All credit cards issuing institutions must be regulated by the Mexican CNSF (Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas) the official Government Institution that regulates Insurance companies in Mexico.

If customer does have the appropriate approval and coverage from its credit card institution they will have to sign a "statement of personal responsibility for the total value of the car" for refusing to purchase the CDW insurance with Europcar Mexico (FLEET CAR COMPANY MX, S.A. de C.V.) and will therefore, in the event of an accident, be fully responsible for all damage and/or repairs." The following Rental deposit will be held on the customer credit card. If the customer cannot guarantee the rental deposit the LDW (CDW) will become mandatory.

Cat. Guarantee Cat. Guarantee Cat. Guarantee
Economy $5,000 usd per rental Standard $7,000 usd per rental Specialty $10,000 usd per rental
Compact $5,000 usd per rental Full Size $7,000 usd per rental Convertible $10,000 usd per rental
Mindsize $5,000 usd per rental Premium $10,000 usd per rental VAN $10,000 usd per rental
Intermediate $5,000 usd per rental Luxury $10,000 usd per rental SUV $7,000 usd per rental

Are there additional charges added to my rent?

Additional charges to the total estimated rate in your contract may be for the following concepts

  • Missing fuel
  • Key replacement
  • Flat tire repair
  • Crane
  • Transit taxes
  • Rent extensión
  • Deep cleaning
  • Cigarette smell
  • Drop-Off charge (for leaving the car in another city) when it is not included in the reservation

(1-877) 704 9690

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