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In Europcar Mexico we wish that everyone can have access to our mobility solutions, thus enjoying one of the most pleasant experiences in car rental in Mexico, therefore, we offer you the following payment methods for your reservations and guarantee.

Payment methods when booking or paying rent:

1- Credit card: It is the most recommended way to make your reservations with Europcar Mexico. The card that you use at the time of booking must be in the same name as the main driver, being personalized and with the name of the holder embossed. If the credit card is not in the name of the driver, you can book whenever the holder accompanies the driver to pick up the vehicle. For security reasons, Europcar México only accepts cards issued by banking institutions, excluding departmental credit cards and digital cards.

It is recommended that the credit card used for the reservation be the same as that used for the retention by guarantee that is made at the time of picking up the car. If you use a different card to pay your reservation and another for the guarantee, I considered that when you pick up the car, prior to the withholding of the guarantee, a charge of $ 10 Mexican pesos will be made to verify that your card is active, this amount will be refunded the next day..

The digital or virtual cards will not be accepted as a means of paying reservations or withholdings because the validity of the same cannot be verified.

If you are looking for a car rental without a credit card, please check our Premium plus insurance package to avoid leaving a guarantee.

2- Debit card: You can use, without any problem, a debit card to make your reservations with Europcar Mexico, taking note that when you pick up the car you will be asked for a credit or debit card with sufficient fund for retention by warranty. It is important that the debit card you use is issued by a banking institution.

3- Payment in Oxxo: If at the time of making your reservation you do not have a credit card at hand, you can book by choosing the payment option in oxxo, as long as your reservation is 6 or more days, taking up to 24 hours to make payment with cash at any oxxo store in the country, thus ensuring the price you saw on the Internet.

Steps to enable payment in oxxo:

  • Choose your vehicle
  • Choose insurance and extras package
  • Complete the driver information
  • Under Payment Method, select "Payment in oxxo".

Remember that this option will only be available when booking 6 days or more of rent. Reservations are required 48 hours in advance to use this option.

4- PayPal Payment: You can use your PayPal account to pay for the reservation made through this website, only need to choose the Paypal option when making the payment and connect your account to cover the cost to avoid the use of any physical card.

Consider that the day of your reservation you must meet the normal rental requirements, presenting a physical card as a guarantee of the vehicle, as mentioned in Accepted payment methods for retention (guarantee).

For security reasons, in addition, you must present the following at the counter:

  • Reservation confirmation email.
  • Payment receipt via PayPal
  • Card with which I make the payment through PayPal.

Payment methods accepted for retention (guarantee)

Withholding or escrow is one of the main requirements to rent a car in Mexico and anywhere in the world with any company. Currently the payment methods accepted for retention at Europcar Mexico are:

1- Credit card: It is the most used and recommended method for the guarantee, since only a block is made for the amount stipulated by Europcar Mexico (this amount is indicated when choosing your insurance package), so it is required A credit card with sufficient balance. Keep in mind that Europcar México only makes a hold or block, this operation is not a charge, so at the end of the contract this amount is released without problems, and it will take between 24 to 72 hours to be reflected again. Sometimes, some banks tend to retain this amount for a longer time, if this happens, please contact our customer service team to support and advise you on the actions to be taken so that it is released as soon as possible, by writing to: [email protected]

To accept your credit card, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have sufficient balance for retention
  • Have more than one year of being issued
  • Be issued by a banking institution. No departmental credit cards or digital cards are accepted
  • Be personalized
  • The driver must be the credit card holder

In the event that the driver is not the holder of the credit card, the holder must be present when picking up the car together with the driver.

If the credit card is not the same one that was used at the time of booking, prior to the retention, a charge of $ 10 Mexican pesos will be applied in order to validate that it is active. This amount will be refunded the next day.

For security reasons, it will always be essential that the cardholder be present when picking up the car, even if the reservation is not in his name.

2- Debit Card: You can use your debit card to leave the guarantee or deposit for the rented car, provided you have enough balance on your debit or payroll card. Unlike a credit card, with debit cards, a charge is made for the amount agreed with Europcar Mexico and at the end of the contract it will be refunded by applying a 5% bank commission on the amount to be returned

Reservations of 4 days or more in the categories of economic, compact, and intermediate cars will not be charged a fee for reimbursement.

Here you can check all the conditions to use your debit card as a means to leave the car warranty.

For security reasons for our staff and for you, in none of our branches do we accept cash as a means of payment for the rental of the vehicle or for withholding.

Reservations for 3 or more days will have enabled the premium plus package with more benefits.

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