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Car rental in Durango.

Do you need rental cars in Durango? Free yourself from prejudices and allow yourself to discover on your own the hidden secrets of one of the most mysterious destinations in Mexico: Durango. This land full of history and a mining legacy that led to its opulent development in the past centuries, will be your ideal destination, especially if you really want to check the beauty of this corner of Mexico.

It does not matter if you travel for pleasure or for business, with friends or family, be certain that with Europcar you will find the ideal car model to carry out your trip, whether you need cheap rental cars or if you are even looking for car rental Pickup trucks in Durango. Your next road trip awaits you in one of the most exciting hidden and secret landscapes of Mexico: it crosses deserts and reaches magical towns of incredible beauty. Drive on mysterious roads and experience on your own everything that is said about this wonderful land.

Advantages of car rental in Durango

To discover all these hidden mysteries in the extraordinary places of Durango, car rental will help you, giving you multiple advantages that a conventional traveler would not achieve, allowing you to make the most of every moment of the trip. If what you want is to be able to acquire more experiences and be able to go further than you had planned, it may be time to go thinking about car rental in Durango to start that fascinating road trip in these unknown lands.

With car rental in Durango, you will save the two most valuable resources for a traveler: time and money. Just imagine how much you would spend on transfers from the airport to your hotel, on public transport and on tours to travel the destination. In Europcar Mexico you will find car rental at Durango airport at prices equal to or even lower than what you would spend on transportation services. Saving becomes much greater when traveling with family or friends. In addition, by having a vehicle you can move freely through the destination, starting your adventure at the time you want, without being tied to itineraries and with the possibility of making the stops you want to take the most great pictures to share in your social networks, visit the main tourist attractions of Durango and in this way, feel that you truly make the most of your trip.

Requirements to rent cars in Durango:

The requirements to rent cars in Durango are:

  • Identification

    Both Mexicans and foreigners must present an identification when picking up the car at our rental office. Mexicans may present as identification only the electoral credential (INE) or their passport (no other documentation will be accepted as proof of identity), while foreigners must present their passport as an identity document.

  • Driver's license

    Nationals and foreigners must present a driver's license. In Europcar Mexico, all driver's licenses issued in the countries of origin of our users will be accepted, provided they are in force during the rental period.

  • Warranty

    In Europcar Mexico as in any other rental company in the world, you will be asked for a guarantee for the vehicle, equivalent to 10% of the total value of the car you want to rent, this because the insurance against damage and theft has a deductible of 10% . For this guarantee, a credit card is preferably recommended, with sufficient balance to retain this amount, being released at the end of the contract and returning the vehicle. You can also use debit card for the guarantee or deposit. Find out how.

How much does it cost to rent cars in Durango?

The prices for car rental in Durango are cheaper than you imagine, so we invite you to quote using the search engine at the top of our website and discover that renting cars in Durango is really quite accessible.

Just keep in mind that there are factors that vary prices in rental cars in Durango, such as dates and car model, so it is important to indicate these data properly so that you can get the real prices. Follow these brief steps to quote:

  1. Enter the name of the city in our search engine located at the top.

  2. Choose the dates of your trip and the schedules (these data are very important to be able to check availability and give you the exact prices).

  3. Click search.

Just a few seconds will be enough for them to load the results of available cars and show you the prices of reals of each vehicle with insurance and taxes already included, so you do not worry that when picking up the car there are surprises.

Looking for car rental in Durango with insurance included?

In Europcar Mexico we know how important each of your trips is, so we offer the best experience in car rental in Durango, because when you pick up the vehicle there will be no surprises or extra charges that can ruin your plans. Insurance and taxes are already included in the rate that we show you on our website, so you know from the first moment how much to pay. Feel safe when booking here, as we will always show you the final price.

Europcar Offcices In Durango

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Durango - Aeropuerto

Address: Carretera Miguel Alemán km 15.5 Durango Dgo. CP. 34035

Telephone: 618 (106) 4576

Other offices in Durango
Durango - Aeropuerto


Carretera Miguel Alemán km 15.5 Durango Dgo. CP. 34035


618 (106) 4576

Opening Hours:


6:59 am - 11:00 pm


6:59 am - 11:00 pm


6:59 am - 11:00 pm


6:59 am - 11:00 pm


6:59 am - 11:00 pm


6:59 am - 11:00 pm


6:59 am - 11:00 pm

(1-877) 704 9690
Up to 6 months without interest
Hasta 6 meses sin interés pagando con tarjetas de crédito

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