AutoRenting Service


This plan offers access to a vehicle for you to use for medium to long periods of time, easily, flexibly and profitably, where the vehicle may belong to either Europcar or the company.


New units.
Full coverage including deductible.
License plate, emissions control verification and tenencia (yearly local and federal registration fees) expenses.
Preventive maintenance and repairs.
Road assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, throughout all of Mexico.
Substitute vehicle at no extra cost.
Competitive fixed rate.

*Aside from having the option to purchase or not, aside from important fiscal benefits.

*The minimum term for this service is adapted to each company's needs.

For further information, clic here.

Change reservations To request a change of dates or destination, the main driver must request it at 800 201 2084 or

(1-877) 704 9690

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