A change for the planet

At Europcar Mexico we love the green landscapes of our planet and we believe how important it is to preserve ecosystems in Mexico and the world, for that reason in 2021 we are migrating our physical contracts to a digital format that allows us to save tons of paper per year, saving thousands of trees.

Now, instead of printing the contract, consuming paper and ink, the process will be digital, allowing you to sign from an electronic device and receive the complete contract in your email.

It seems like a simple action, but this process has involved a large investment in technology that has been planned since the beginning of 2020 in order to be a more eco-friendly company, recognized for being one of the greenest in Mexico.


Now your contract is digital.

Receive contract and photos of the car in your email.

Less use of paper and ink for printing.


Less pollution in the environment.

All the information in the palm of your hand.

We will save thousands of trees a year.

Help us meet our goal and avoid requesting document printing at our branches, unless strictly necessary.

For a greener world, Europcar ...

… Moving your way!

* If you require the printed contract, it will cost $ 232 MXN.

(1-877) 704 9690

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